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Enso is a sacred symbol in 

Zen Buddhism symbolizes 

a state when the mind is free

to let the body create. 

 Very honored to be part of the red pencil Art Therapists team that will be delivering the international “Art-Based Capacity building and Training” for teachers in Jammu and Kashmir, India.

From June to December, together in partnership with the #PiramalFoundation, we will be delivering this training to 150 teachers so that they can become student counselors, equipping them with socio-emotional learning skills through Art-Based activities.
Very much looking forward to this beautiful journey!



Fika is a Swedish word that means a moment to slow down and appreciate the good things in life.
At Enso we not only take individual therapy but also run support groups every month. We discuss various topics on mental health on this platform. Every month different topics are discussed like emotions, stress, anxiety, mindfulness, coping mechanism. Check out what’s going on this month at enso , and enroll yourself today!

enso is more than just a Therapy Center — it’s a growing community! We also try to reach out to students who aspire to make a career in the psychology field. Career Orientations in Psychology & Education is an initiative by a few like-minded qualified psychology graduates. Through this initiative, we aim to educate young minds on the right pathways and options to get to their goal in the field of psychology. 



Workshop on 'mental health & art'
at Shivaji park art festival 2022.


Parul helped me find ways to overcome my fears, deal with my insecurities, be more mindful, prioritise wisely and set realistic goals. I can't believe so much could happen over such a short period. Every consultation was like chatting with an old friend, meeting a sister after a long gap. I recommend Parul to all those who need help and support. 

As a queer person it is very difficult to find a therapist who is sensitive to what we go through. Parul Dewal has been very sensitive and she helped in great deal to negotiate around my family. Initially she was not aware of Queer issues but she studied about them and guided me through all my issues.

When I first started seeing Parul I  was going through lot of things in my personal and professional life. one of the best thing about

Parul's method is she quickly made me feel grounded & the fog in my head disappeared. She  always has a very solution oriented approach which gives you confidence in her as a therapist  but most importantly she gives you confidence to become self reliant.  I don’t think anybody in this commercial world would think of 

giving a service to the  client  thinking that the client shall no longer require the service. This is the unique thing about Parul  that she always has the best interest of her patients on the clients in mind

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