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      Enso started with a online support group named ‘Fika.’ In this group, we offer individuals to participate at any stage of their life, with any concerns related to mental health. We try to work towards healing & growth.

           In this support group every month, we focus on the different topics based on emotional and mental health well-being.        The topic of August month was   ' 'Rewind your friendship' In  this session we will be exploring friendship along with cherishing best moments spent with our friends. 

What We do ?


We create a safe and non-judgemental place for the participants to explore themselves through arts-based therapy. 
We also try to provide a place where they share their stories without being judged or feeling insecure.

The topic of July month was   ' Finding Your Emotional Lighthouse' In this we explored  meaning and need of lighthouse in our life. Topic for the month of June was'Lets Scan Anxiety' in which we explored and of  May was ‘Mindfulness,’ where we explored  body reactions to anxiety & triggers for anxiety. 
Topic of the month of May was 'Mindfulness 'in which we explored what is mindfulness through arts-based therapy, how can it be practiced & used in daily life.



Anyone who feels they need a break wants to explore themselves, understand their emotions and thoughts on a deeper level. Who loves art and want to reconnect with the body, breath, and senses. 

Who Can Attend ?

Our  Facilitators 

Parul Dewal - Hande.

Vishakha Sodhani 

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